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Minyko Park


Minkyo Park is a Junior film major and english major from Seoul, South Korea!

Natalie Brunini


Natalie is a Senior Communication Major and Film Minor! She is the General Manager of D3TV 

Tall Girl? Oh No Girl.

Welcome back from fall break with our newest episode of Netflex n Chill! Today we're back with another Netflix Original, Tall Girl. Get ready next week for our Halloween episode!

Murder Mystery (on the Orient Express?)

Our thoughts on Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler? Welcome back to Netflex n Chill! Today we are reviewing the Netflix original Murder Mystery! Leave a comment below to recommend what other movies we should review! Make sure to check out our YouTube channel, DePauw Channel. Shoutout to @bblessing5038 for this movie recommendation (can you put this tag just for the instagram post pls) 

Netflexing and Chilling to "To All the Boys"

Welcome to the first episode of Netflex n Chill, where we review any and all films on Netflix. We're starting our first episode with the classic "To All the Boys I've Loved Before." Let us know in the what films we should review next!