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Shawn Haugh, Assistant General Manager/ Producer


Shawn is the Assistant General Manager. He is a senior.

The Verdict Blind Water Tasting

Today on The Verdict, the crew attempts to see if there is a difference between different water brands and tap water. Here is the correct order for each pairing; Trey and Jordyn: Dasani, Aquafina, Tap, Ice Mt. Natalie and Kira: Ice Mt, Aquafina, Tap, Dasani Minkyo and Lucia: Dasani, Tap, Ice Mt, Aqua. Make sure to leave a like and a comment on what you want to see the cast test out next!

Them Boys Hot! - The Verdict

They're baaaacccckkkk!! On Episode Two of The Verdict, the crew tries the Spicy Chicken Nuggets from Wendy's that are back after a brief hiatus. They compare them to the regular Chicken Nuggets along with different types of sauces, you won't wanna miss their reactions! Be sure to leave a Like and a Comment! Also subscribe to our Youtube Channel! If there is anything that you want the crew to try next, leave a comment below!

The Verdict S3 E1: "What came first? The Cookie or Filling?"

On the Season 3 premiere of The Verdict, your favorite dare devils take on OREOS. Regular, Double Stuff, and MEGA Stuffed! What's The Verdict on them? Find out NOW!

The Verdict E2 S2: "I Hate How Much I Like Pumpkin Spice"

It's fall so you know what that means, Pumpkin Spice everything! Most of us don't like coffee so naturally The Verdict sat down and tried Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte and Frappuccino.

The verdict episode 1 Season 2: "I became a Man today..."

First episode of the second season! 

The Verdict Episode 2: "Why doesn't anyone like you?"

Yes, there is a McDonald's secret menu item called the McGang Bang. And yes, we tried it.